​With over 20 years of experience as a master framer and preservationist, Jessi Kulow MCPF, MSHP, opened Renegade Restore in May of 2019 providing museum level archival framing that is approachable and accessible for artists and collectors alike.



Custom framing is a beautiful method of preserving artwork and objects. While matting and framing are typically seen as serving an aesthetic purpose, Renegade Restore operates from the philosophy that it also serves as a step in the preservation process. Initially objects are assessed, treated, and ultimately preserved in the custom framing process.


All treatments and framing methods are conducted with archival materials. Renegade Restore is highly trained in all variety of mounting techniques ranging from traditional handmade paper hinges and wheat starch adhesives to sewing and stretching. All interventions on the work are fully archival and removable to affect as little change as possible. Artworks and objects are framed with UV protected glazing in a variety of styles depending on the needs of the  client and the work. Custom hardwood, spline-joined frames, are fabricated in-house, and a variety of custom manufactured frames are available upon request. 


For objects that have different housing and preservation needs, Renegade Restore offers consultation, box making, packing for storage, and assorted art handling services.


Jessica Kulow, MSHP, MCPF