Examples of creative custom housings, paper repair treatments, consultation.

Custom Clamshell - Curiosities
Tray lifts to reveal a secret compartment.
Custom Clamshell - Curiosities
False bottoms allow for different depths of objects to fit snuggly.
Custom Clamshell - Curiosities
In-process boxmaking.
Custom Box - Squashblossom
Esterfoam hand-cut to protect object and make for aesthetically pleasing viewing.
Custom Clamshell - Tibetan Sutra
Custom box to fit oddly shaped items.
Drop-front archival box
Snug fitting b-flute board box for mechanical puzzle. Box also keeps puzzle intact while in storage.
Custom Clamshell - Marble Boards
Custom reinforced clamshell to house extreme weight of artist book bound front and back with marble boards.
Custom Trays - Existing Housing
Retrofitted trays and protection for Lord Tennyson's collection of clay pipes.
Custom Clamshell - built-out
Custom box with built-out to allow for book to safely store on bookshelf with larger rectangular books.
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